Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Spring Forward

Crew Member Cheri
     On March 9th, in America we set our clocks forward.  But it is also the time to change that battery in your smoke detector.  As a crew member aboard Titanic, I found out that Titanic had a unique fire detection system, like a Victorian Smoke detector!    Near the bridge was a sort of headquarter fire station with a fireman on duty 24 hours a day, never moving more than 6 feet away from his post.  

There was a tube-like system of little tubes that all came to this main position with an airtight glass case that contained a small filament of foil inside.  A suction system drew air from the little tubes making the filament vibrate.   The small tubes ran all through the ship from other stations.   The main fireman would watch the glass tube to see if the suction was working with the movement of the foil inside the glass tube. If a small ball of smoke looking like a gray wool ball appeared in the tube, it was an alarm that warned the fireman on duty.   He would immediately call on one of the 50 telephones on the ship to a deck hand on that level, to check that area and phone back with the result; like a dispatch of sorts.  Fire hoses and hydrants were placed in key areas.   I found this quite interesting to know that safety was thought of, in case of a fire.   
So as we spring forward in time to 2014, review your own fire safety in your homes. Make sure you have placed fire hydrants in key areas, you have the local fire station phone number in your cell phone, and batteries changed in your smoke detectors! And if you are part of the Titanic crew, lookout for icebergs!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Little Moments at the Titanic Museum Attraction

One of the pleasures of working at the Titanic Museum Attraction in Branson, Mo is meeting some really super families.   I remember back in May of 2013, it was close to closing time when a nice family came in with three kids.  The oldest child was around the age of 14,  maybe 15 years old. He had such a tremendous interest in Titanic that I was drawn to him.   He was very knowledgeable and truly interested in everything.  I had to chuckle when he got upset to find out that someone was building a Titanic II before he could. 
He said some day he hoped to work in our museum.  I told him to keep learning about Titanic and come back when he got older to apply for a job.  He was the nicest and most polite boy full of hope and looking forward to a bright future.   These little moments brighten my day. On another day, a sweet little lady from Canada came in and just had to have her picture taken with me.  She was a hoot, so fun and loving.  We have people come in from all over the world and no matter what background or age they come from, they come to the museum to share a moment.  You share a special moment in time for a time long ago.  I want to say thank you for sharing a love that we here at the museum have.  A love and passion for more than just a ship, but for a love of the life of our guests, just like you.  Thank you! Continue to make our day!  
First Class Maid Cheri